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Puffy white clouds with flat bottoms are clouds puffy white clouds with flat bottoms

Big puffy white clouds floating through a bright blue summer sky make us smile. ALTOSTRATUS clouds are flat and make the sun look as if it is being seen.

Easily recognize and name the 10 basic cloud types based on a puffy, and a brilliant white when sunlit, while their bottoms are flat and.

Puffy, white clouds that tend to have a flat bottom in high altitudes. Cirrus. Thin, feathery, white clouds found at high altitudes. Forms in strong winds. If thickness .

The flat bottom of cumulus clouds defines the height at which temperature and air pressure causes water vapor to condense into a visible.

Originally Answered: Why are clouds flat from below? .. The puffy cloud tops show points where the updrafts are stronger or weaker, pushing Why are clouds that drop heavy rain darker compared to the clouds that seem white and fluffy?.