Husband hacks off alleged rapist's penis after seeing him attack wife: reports - wife his penis


Ukrainian Man cut off rapist's penis in revenge for attack on his wife | Metro News wife his penis

3 days ago A man could be sent to jail after chopping off a rapist's penis who attacked his wife. The man, 27, was on his way home when he saw Dmitry.

5 days ago A man who witnessed his wife being raped faces eight years in prison for chopping off the attacker's penis. The 27-year-old husband was on.

5 days ago A Ukrainian husband hacked off an alleged rapist’s penis after witnessing him attacking his wife, according to reports. The 27-year-old man was headed home in Shevchenkovo in eastern Ukraine on Saturday when he saw the alleged attacker, Dmitry Ivchenko, sexually assaulting his.

5 days ago Husband cuts off rapist's penis after seeing his own wife being sexually assaulted near their home in Ukraine - and now faces a longer.

5 days ago A HUSBAND has chopped off a rapist's penis after seeing him allegedly sexually assaulting his wife. The 27-year-old spouse was on his way.