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Pettit Vivid Hard SR Antifouling Paint pettit vivid bottom paint

Vivid can safely be used on aluminum hulls and outdrives. The perfect antifouling choice for any boat. - (800) 221-4466. 1261 Blue.

Pettit Vivid is an antifouling boat bottom paint that is specially formulated to have both super Bright colors and high anti-fouling properties with a low VOC to meet.

Pettit Vivid Antifouling Paint provides clean, bright colors and multi-season protection. It's formulated to withstand trailering.

Pettit Vivid Ablative Marine PaintNow you can have the brightest colors, the blackest black and the whitest white available in a bottom paint. Vivid's attributes go.

A bright antifouling paint in the five primary colors, protective coating resistant to slime, algae, barnacles and other marine fouling. Excellent for fiberglass, wood.