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Male Genital Piercings • Female Genital Piercings • Transgender Genital Piercings •. All genital piercings are restricted to 18yrs and older. It is now illegal to.

The vague terms "female genital piercing" and "vaginal piercing" don't really erotic pleasure, but it can be visually delightful and bolster self-image, even if it is .

Exotic Female Piercings - LoveToKnow Tattoos. CT's Guide To Body bodymods: Tutorial Tuesday - Female Genital Piercings (Part 1 of 3). Body Piercing.

Within each of the male and female genital piercing pictures sections, you'll find specific subcategories like HCH and VCH piercing pictures, PA.

Thankfully, Elayne Angel, a piercer who specializes in nipple and genital . While male genital piercings can be similar to female ones (ie, the.