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Posting sexy pictures on social media can hurt your job chances - Workopolis Blog posted sexy pictures

Women who post sexy pictures of themselves on social media may be hurting their job chances, particularly if the hiring manager is a woman. This shouldn't.

If a young woman thinks she looks hot in that chesty selfie she just set as her Facebook profile picture, chances are another woman thinks she looks incompetent. Daniels and co-author Eileen Zurbriggen conducted their investigation by creating two fictitious social media profiles.

Girls who post 'sexy' pictures on social media sites are seen by their female peers as less pretty, less likely to get a job done and not someone.

Knowing what women truly want, Michael Oonk of Plano, Texas spent a Friday evening doing chores and posting sexy pics of himself cleaning.

Urban Dictionary defines a Thirst Trap as "a sexy photograph or flirty . Posting the photos can be fun, and it can be sexy, but like anything else.