The Scent of a Woman's Vagina - VICE - synthetic vagina smell


I Wore Perfume Made From My Vagina to See if It Would Get Me Better Dates synthetic vagina smell

VULVA Original - real vaginal scent. +. P Juice Vagina Scented Lube- 8.25 oz. +. Master Series Jizz Water Based Lube, Semen Scented, 8.5 Ounce. Total price.

Finally! What lovers have been begging for has at last arrived. This uniquely scented lube gives you the smell of female, bottled for on demand pleasure.

The consensus among most men is that "vagina" may not be their favorite scent, but if it's close enough to their face in the first place, they're.

Saskia also clued me in that she had a few vials of synthetic were pretty, and that I'd at least smell nice while conducting my dubious study.

As every woman knows, vaginas can smell. Keeping your vagina covered at all times, especially with synthetic material, can create 'the.