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Man caught taking photos in YMCA boys locker room faces felony charges | Crime | robert dolan pornography

Police said Dolan agreed to let officers look through his phone. They also reportedly found a tablet that had a well-known child pornography image on it. It just didn't fit the Robert Dolan that we knew when he worked here.

72 year-old Robert Dolan was formally charged with multiple child pornography charges. Police say someone caught Dolan taking pictures in.

I appreciate Mr. HIStalk's comment that Bob should be able to work. work after serving a prison sentence for possession of child pornography. .. I'm not here to judge Mr. Dolan but I can't help but wonder how low our.

Robert Kinney Jr., 41, of Blaine, was also sentenced by Judge John Woodcock Jr . in U.S. Scott Dolan can be contacted at 791-6304 or at.

Robert Dolan had stored on his cellphone hundreds of images of Later, investigators found child pornography images on a tablet in Dolan's.