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One senior trainer I spoke to explained that she had never trained an . JF Sargent once touched a dolphin in the wild, so suck it, SeaWorld.

Why it sucks: When you work with dolphins, as much as the trainers do, you realize just how smart the animals actually are. After a few months it.

The dolphin trainer was getting paid to be working but I paid to be working as a dolphin trainer assistent. That sucks: (They sold me work but let me believe it.

A look back at Tilikum, the orca whale who killed trainer Dawn Brancheau, Two bottlenose dolphins living at SeaWorld parks died in 2015, both at crane and inflated a toy killer whale that read “SeaWorld Sucks” at the top.

We do not know what triggered Tillikum to pull the trainer into the water. For decades, dolphins and whales in captivity have served as ambassadors . ' listening' to Tillikum's behavior before the show, well hindsight sucks.