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Anal itch is, well, a bummer. Triggers can range from bad bathroom habits to certain health conditions. Find out more from WebMD about what could be to blame.

How to Stop Anal Itching (Pruritus Ani) Examples of possible causes of anal itching include hemorrhoids, anal fissures, pinworms (Enterobius vermicularis), spicy foods, and medications. Additional symptoms associated with anal itching include burning and pain if the anal skin is.

You may find anal itching to be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Fecal incontinence and long-term (chronic) diarrhea can irritate the skin.

Other causes include taking laxatives or other medications that cause diarrhea. Certain foods are also linked with anal itching. These include.

Anal itch, also known as pruritus ani, is an irritating, itchy sensation around the anus (the opening through which stool passes out of the body).