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Q: My baby's urine smells really bad! Is there something wrong?.

Answered by: Stephen E. Muething, M.D.. Question: My 10-month-old baby girl has very strong smelling urine. Every time she pees you can smell it through the.

Research shows that foul-smelling urine is often a sign of a urinary tract But if you notice a particularly foul odor from your baby's urine, you shouldn't ignore it. . How Do I Know if My Child Is Too Sick for School (or Faking)?.

Stinky urine in a feverish child should be a red flag for doctors. time his urine smells stronger than usual, the risk of having a urine infection is.

Raising an infant can be difficult. You are always second guessing if a symptom is something that will just pass or if you should take your child to the doctor.