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A COUPLE, who both had different partners, were shot to death as they had sex in the back of a SUV. Shakoor Arline, 25, and Lisa Smith, 32.

But 74-year-old practicing psychiatrist Arlene Heyman makes clear that well into old age the sex drive remains alive, well, and often extremely perverse. Scary Old Sex is Heyman's debut collection of short stories, which she worked on for decades. Delving into deeply personal.

told that one of the women featured in a pornographic movie, filmed having sex with a man while dressed in a Malaysia Airline (MAS) uniform.

Vietjet Air says photo shoot was to 'showcase the airline's for the first time, Vietnamese discount carrier VietJet Air is using sex to sell seats.

Shakoor Arline, 25 (left and right), and Lisa Smith, 32 (not pictured) were having sex in a car in a Philadelphia park when someone shot them.