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Nickname, The Furies, The Eumenides, The Kindly Ones, The Dirae, The Infernal Goddesses (we love that one), Bad Mamma Jammas. Sex, Female.

Hence the sex of the Erinyes-a monstrous anomaly when they are regarded as avengers of blood-is naturally determined. 6. The form in which these earth genii, .

I know that Incubi and Succubi are the "official" sex demons in the D&D world, but here we also have these Erinyes' and even the Lilitus, and to.

The Furies (also known as the Erinyes) are the main antagonists of God of War: both Alecto and Tisiphone imply they have a sexual attraction towards Kratos.

Their purpose was to punish those who broke the laws of nature, such as killing a family member. The Romans called them the Furies.