Couple Caught Having Sex In Hotel Window Opposite Office - office window sex


WATCH: Couple caught red-handed having sex against office window | office window sex

A RANDY couple drew a crowd late last night after passers by spotted them having sex in an office building with the lights on. Stunned locals in.

building have VERY public sex in full view of their window VERY public sex while office workers in the neighbouring building got a full glimpse of Office workers with a full view of the cheeky act burst out in laughter and.

He probably grabbed his morning coffee, said "hi" to Janet in accounts and logged in to his computer like every other normal day. For there, right outside his office window, he laid eyes on the act of love making. Obviously, he took a video because he sure as hell wasn't going to.

Outrageous couple filmed having sex pressed up against hotel window opposite packed London office. WARNING: ADULT CONTENT.

Sex IN the city! Office workers film naked couple getting steamy against the window of their hotel room. Shocked office workers couldn't believe.