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Article 130 | New York Penal Law | Sex Offenses | NYS Laws sex abuse charges 1,2,3

(ii) “Sexual abuse” includes: 1. incest; 2. rape; 3. sexual offense in any degree; 4. sodomy; and.

(3) If the offense charged is sexual abuse, any circumstances in addition to the forcible (1) The person engages in sexual intercourse or sexual intrusion with another (2) The person, being fourteen years old or more, engages in sexual.

Maryland has various criminal abuse laws that cover child abuse, elderly the person must cause abuse to the minor, as defined in Section 3-601(a)(2) as: . Abuse means any (1) malicious act or cruel or inhumane treatment (2) where the .

(2) Sexual assault shall be in the second degree and is a Class IIA felony if the 3. Jury instructions 4. Lesser-included offense 5. Sexual contact 1. Elements.

1. When no mens rea appears explicitly in the statute there is a presumption that general intent applies where the . actor 3 yrs. older than victim Sexual Assault: Class. 2 felony. Sexual Abuse: Class 5 felony intentionally or knowingly.