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I Tried Cosmo's Pearl Necklace Sex Tip string of pearls sex

A "pearl necklace" is slang for a sexual act in which a man ejaculates semen on or near the white pearls. Receiving a pearl necklace is an activity that sex workers use as safe sex alternative for people who prefer not to wear condoms.

A trade name for anal-beads. See Also: anal beads, anal violin, apron strings, beads, bikini bar, bobstay, constrictions, gee-string, give pearls, ivory pearl, ocean pearl, pearl diving, power beads, Queen of Hearts, string bondage, Tarzan chord. string and nuggets.

No, not THAT kind of pearl necklace. so when I was tasked with trying out a sex tip that involved a pearl necklace (no, not the dirty kind) I was.

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