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Foreskin Problems: Dryness, Swelling, Infection, Irritation, and More preventing infected penis foreskin

Treatment depends on the condition but may include: Inflammation – avoid irritants such as bubble This may involve the application of anaesthetic cream and compression of the penis.

Gently pull back and clean under your foreskin with warm water. Use a mild soap. Dry the area completely. Make this part of.

Plus, get tips on how to prevent these problems from happening again. The foreskin is a thin layer of tissue that covers the head of the penis.

Balanitis is a skin irritation on the head of the penis that can affect men and boys. a sore, itchy and smelly penis; redness and swelling; build-up of thick fluid safe sex to avoid an STI; using latex-free condoms if you have a latex allergy.

Proper foreskin care is the best way to prevent many of these issues. In most cases, bacterial infection inside the foreskin or penis can be.