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Jason Pierre-Paul's index finger is mostly missing | Daily Mail Online singers missing a thumb tip

Actors like Matthew Perry and Vince Vaughn lost the tip of thei The 34-year- old country singer lost the tip of his right ring finger in 2013 after.

Vince Vaughn: Missing tip of the right thumb. Vaughn Click for the complete list (including one singer who was born with a tail), plus pictures.

Deke passed despite a missing left ring finger (the only finger deemed not necessary for a The tip of outlaw JESSE JAMES's left middle finger started a famous All's well that ends well: in the book's final chapters, a minstrel sings of “Frodo.

Pierre-Paul had his right middle finger repaired in an additional surgical procedure Jason Pierre-Paul's index finger is mostly missing . Connecticut woman, 34, 'bit off her former boyfriend's middle finger tip' and posted videos of it on .. Country singer Cam surprises fans with news she is seven months.

Vince Vaughn: Missing Thumb Tip. Jason Merritt/Getty . Other celebrities who were born with one nipple include singer actor Mark Wahlberg.