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Above is the breakdown of before and after Heidi Montag's new surgical procedures including a chin reduction, brow lift, neck liposuction, and.

'My implants nearly fell to my belly-button': Heidi Montag on why she downsized her F-cup 'bowling ball' breasts to a more appropriate size C.

Hills star Heidi Montag is getting out and about, telling mags and tabs she's “ excited” to show off her DDD breasts – The one of ten plastic surgeries undergone.

In 2010, “The Hills” star Heidi Montag famously underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures in a single day, which, in addition to a nose job and.

Montag, the former 'Hills' star turned plastic surgery spokeswoman turned sex tape star says she wants her huge, G-cup implants, which she.