How To Orally Apply A Condom - SHE'SAID' - how to put on a condom using your mouth


InfoSexWork - Putting on a condom with your mouth how to put on a condom using your mouth

Condoms are simple to use and are the only birth control method that can also help protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted.

If you're having trouble convincing your partner to use a condom, try putting it on with your mouth. See these tips on how to go about it.

Hold the condom in your mouth, with the teat facing inwards. Then put your mouth at the head of his penis and roll the condom down his shaft.

Hey, if you have to use them, you may as well use them to your advantage, right! Give him a treat and apply it with your mouth. It's highly.

Your choices for actual tongue condoms are limited, but there are Adding lubricant before using a condom or dental dam for oral sex can.