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Margaret Cho Rants About Whites and Rapists, Rips Fans During Meltdown margeret cho midget

Selene Luna is a Mexican-American actress, comedian, burlesque performer, and model known for her roles on comedian Margaret Cho's reality TV series The .

Margaret Cho · May 22, 2015 ·. Selene Luna is my wife in this!! Celebrity Wife Swap: Dont' miss out on Season 4 of Celebrity Wife Swap! Vince Neil.

At the duo's wedding actress Margaret Cho was her maid of honor. “We have a very sisterly relationship, a great bond. She has taught me.

Selene Luna opens for Margaret Cho at the Ice House, Pasadena. (Adult language #Fbombs).

When it's time for the swap, both Margaret and Holly meet their new families and know they are in for an adventure. For Margaret, dealing with.