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Any Marshall Vintage Modern owners? marshall vintage modern modifications

Marshall Vintage Modern 2466 Mods Standard Mod™ $295.00. Deluxe Mod™ $629.00. Platinum Mod™ $1008.00. Platinum Mod™ $1038.00 International.

Marshall Vintage Modern Series Mods by Voodoo Amps.

I play in a two guitar band, and need a volume boost for my leads. I am going to contact FJA who offers a VM Solo Boost mod and also BFG, who modded my Eggie Seminar with an onboard OD boost and Solo boost via footswitch. If you BOOST the signal with +dB whether before the input or.

So about a month ago finally got my purple Vintage Modern 2266 half stack And voodoo mods on Marshalls that I have tried sucked, they are.

I got a VM 2266 fairly cheap on eBay but I did not really like the After some comparisons with my old Marshalls I really would critisize the 2266 being just crap. The mods getting the circuit of the VM very close to a JTM/JMP.