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21 Beautiful Models Who Bravely Bared Their Boobs On The Runways run way boobs

Of all the things to make it down the runway during fashion week, three-breasted models may be one of the more bizarre. Italian streetwear brand GCDS sent two models down the catwalk wearing a prosthetic third breast, which you can see clearly their under cropped sports bra tops.

Giuliano Calza, the co-founder and creative director of GCDS, sent models down the runway with three breasts, all apparently prosthetic.

How many times have you scrolled through images of runway shots on your phone and sighed, knowing you'll never be able to pull off a.

These boobs are NSFW, unless you work in a really weird place or a nudist colony or something. On the runway, nipples come in all flavors.

Runway boobs are at the forefront of the important nipple tolerance movement.