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tate the distant orgasm

The Selected Poems James Tate's Pulitzer Prize-winning collection and Tate has been described as a surrealist. . The Distant Orgasm; pp.

Denise Levertov and James Tate reading and discussing their poems in the Shadowboxing -- From Wrong songs: Breathing ; The distant orgasm ; My great.

New Poems by J Tate revd by J Moynahan; Tate illus. new “science” of mindcontrol through chemical injection; and in “The Distant Orgasm”.

The implications of Tate's "Absences" are harder, firmer, more promising, I think, the impossibility of fruitful union ("The Distant Orgasm,""Lovelife on the Liffey.

James Tate's posthumous collection of prose poems, "The Government read a poem with the intriguing and unlikely title “The Distant Orgasm.