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From 1963 to 1970, Ampex manufactured several models of VTR 2-inch helical VTRs, capable . Consumer & Professional Video Formats, Video Formats: history · DC video VR-600 page · Vintage Ad Browser. electronics ad for VR-1500 .

RCA TR-70C 2-inch Quadruplex Video Tape Recorder (VTR) Audio Vintage. Visit . Discover ideas about Audio Vintage. May 2019. RCA Quadruplex Video Tape.

Zinfurbished RCA TR-70C 2″ Quad recorder has shipped! ZinParts: Replacement 1/2″ Helical, and. many other vintage professonal VTR and VCR formats.

Antique telephones out a year later, however, this used 1-inch tape and the Sony was 1/2-inch . Profession 1-inch reel to reel video tape recorder (VTR).

VT-350 1/2" VK Format Video Cassette Portapack with Quick Load AVR-2 Two Inch Quadruplex VTR Craig 6401 1/2" pre-EIAJ B/W VTR.