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Services Offered vintage fiberglass rod restoration

Custom Rod Building, Repair & Restoration Services: Repairing and refinishing of bamboo, fiberglass fishing rods using original guides, thread, ferrules, etc.

this fishing pole is from the 50's and it will outlast me and you i didn't take pics of re-staining the handle because i was dirty .i used Honey.

This 8'-5" 7/8 wt rod began life back in the 1960's as a Shakespeare Enjoy this restored vintage fiberglass rod, now at a reduced price!!.

A friend has asked me to refinish an old Garcia fiberglass fly rod that he to restore the blank itself to some semblance of what it used to be.

For vintage rods, restoration may be a more viable option as far as reselling goes . NOS blanks are a different matter where you could let your.