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The best retro game consoles to relive your childhood or educate yourself about the history of gaming.

Best Retro Console of the 16-bit Era: Super Nintendo at Amazon, “For anyone wanting to relive the definitive early 90s gaming experience, it wins hands down.”. Runner-Up, Best Retro Console of the 16-bit Era: Sega Genesis at Amazon, “One of the best controllers ever made, and a.

You'll find a wide selection of retro games for legendary video game systems. You can relive the golden age of the home arcade with classic titles for Atari.

This is a list of home video game consoles in chronological order, which includes all known home video game consoles after the first generation, from the first.

Retro mini consoles are awesome, and feature games from way back to WAY, way back. Here's our top picks.