Mustang Bumpsteer Upgrades Explained - vintage mustang bump steer kit


How To Install Mustang Bump Steer Kit (79-14) - LMR vintage mustang bump steer kit

I could use some help with bump steer correction. A quickie fix is to install the kit and lower the tie rod connection about 3/8" which is probably the average.

Almost all cars have some amount of MBS and a Bump-Steer kit or modifying . The function of the strut rod in a classic Mustang is to stabilize the lower control.

Suspension Tech - Bumpsteer For Dummies · Crower Shaft If you have a classic Ford with a stock suspension, you have bumpsteer. Simply put . Toe-in, caster, and camber need to be set before checking bumpsteer.

The use of a bumpsteer kit will help eliminate this, by repositioning the tie rod ends and realigning and correcting the geometry of your Mustang's front end.

Bump Steer Outer Tie Rod Kit - Fits 1967-69 Mustang and various Ford/Mercury models from 1967-70 - Includes adjustable outer tie rod end, shim spacers, and.