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What Women Want In Bed: How Long Should Sex Last? | Fatherly how long do women want sex

You came here looking for an answer, and an answer I will give you: Sex should last one hour, 34 minutes, and 22 seconds—the exact runtime.

Let's face it—most of us are profoundly curious about our partner's experience in the sack, but are too afraid to ask. For instance, do men or women want sex.

Well, men last until they cum. Women would like that also. Unfortunately it doesn't happen that way every time. When I was in my twenties, if while having sex.

Porn can be blamed for a lot of pathologies and false ideas about sex: That women love anal; that we like to have our pussies spat upon or.

01/5Men, this is how long women want sex to last for were asked two questions -how long did they have sex for and what is the time duration.