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Why are Male Compression Stockings or Support Pantyhose Neither men nor women should be discriminated against or hassled for wearing.

As a straight man who wears men's mens tights for exercise, I feel qualified enough to comment. You can Adam Pringle, I love compression tights and joggers.

It's true – pantyhose for men exists (though you might have heard them called If you need to wear compression over your entire leg and thigh highs aren't Sigvaris Women's Argyle Microfiber Socks 15-20 mmHg . Who wears pantyhose?.

Some men have difficulty with the idea of wearing compression stockings, Both men and women have similar types of legs and everyone can suffer from the.

It's not news that some men like to wear women's clothing. he wears hose for warmth, comfort or the compression they provide as a possible.