Spanking: How a sexual fetish went mainstream - men who like to spank women


The Bottom Line: Why People Love Spanking So Much - VICE men who like to spank women

If you've ever wondered why men like to spank women during sex, you're not alone. But the truth isn't as mysterious as you might think.

5 Reasons Men Love To Smack Your Ass During Sex. Why do men love to spank women so much during sex? Here are 5 reasons why men love to spank women in the bedroom and why spanking plays such an invaluable role in their sexual arsenals.

I'll be talking candidly about spankings, at first I thought about writing this one anonymously, but I wanted to show my true self. Sharing my personal thoughts.

Read more: Why Women Like to Call Men 'Daddy' During Sex. Bringing the act into the realm of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud looked at its.

If she was giving me a blow job, as I got closer to coming I would spank with greater frequency but extremely light, like a bunch of love taps. It was a natural.