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Ladies, Now Stand and Pee – Pee Buddy pee mates for women

P-Mate is a Disposable Urine Director so females can stand to pee! pStyle | Female urination device for women, non-binary folks, and trans men | Stand to pee with ease while fully clothed | Reusable pee funnel is a game changer for camping, music festivals, and more!.

P-MATE: The reliable stand and pee device P-Mate is a disposable, recyclable, cardboard device that allows women to discreetly relieve their bladders while.

Female urinary devices, also known as FUDs, or pee funnels, can really save the day. The P-Mate is a disposable cardboard device that works like a funnel.

Ladies, when you gotta go, simply whip out this disposable, waxed cardboard urine redirection device that allows us to discretely pee standing up.

One of my workmates, a young woman, tells me the female funnel that allows women to pee standing is common at concerts in the UK, where.