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Whether you love it or hate it, you almost definitely have an opinion about giving oral sex. Sometimes you're into it, sometimes you're not, and.

If you enjoy pleasing your partner in bed, it’s likely she wants to please you in return. But have you ever wondered if she’s really enjoying herself down there? One Reddit user pondered that very thought: “Women who like giving blowjobs, why?” If you check out our oral sex.

Of all the sex acts out there, blow jobs are shrouded in the most mystery are filled with tiny pools of sweat, showering pre-oral sex is a nice courtesy. Giving a man a blow job does not equal going down on a woman. Like.

The sexy new study has revealed that the giving and receiving of oral sex in a 72% of women and 85% of men say they think oral sex has a place in every.

Contrary to popular wisdom again, men — especially older men — give as much oral sex to women as women give to men. While the difference is greatest in the.