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Latex for Paper Coating (styrene-butadiene copolymer) - Products:ZEON CORPORATION coating of paperboard latex

Coated paperboard produced with latex having low Tg and small particle size showed good printability, flexible coated layer and consequently.

The main objectives of coating papers and paperboards are to improve their aesthetic appearance and printability. Coatings impart smoothness, gloss.

Starch and Latex Migration in Paper Coatings . and paper board. . at the structure of the latex within a pigment coating (Hakkanen, 1998).

The biobased latex emulsion provides an alternative binder system to petrochemical-based binders used by coated paper and paperboard manufacturers.

For paper coating, styrene-butadiene latex is the best technology, while paperboard coatings use a diverse group of products. MCP has limited advertised.