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One result was small rollfilm cameras that took their own unique sizes of extra- small film. The Ensign Midget was one of the best.

The Coronet Midget is a tiny box camera made of Bakelite by the Coronet Camera Co. in Birmingham, England. It is only 6.5cm long and 2.6cm.

Up top is the Bakelite Coronet Midget box camera with a Taylor-Hobson f10 lens and a 1/30s fixed-speed shutter, introduced in 1935, and.

A history and description of the Ensign Midget roll film camera made by Houghton-Butcher Manufacturing Limited for Ensign Limited.

Coronet Midget is a subminiature 16mm film camera made by Coronet in England, and produced between 1934-43. The camera was very cheap that used as a.